Creative Art & Activity

To develop the creative skills of a child, Book Bro have designed a new Series: “Creative Art & Activity”. This series include various activities of Drawing, Colouring, Tracing, Painting, Pencil Shading, Paper Crafts thing, use of Utensils, making Patterns by using different techniques. These activities provide joy and pride in making things with our own hands and develop the Aesthetic sense of the child. Recycling techniques is also applied. Through this, student will be able to use the extra things in home like Cotton, Ice-cream sticks, Beads and Buttons etc.
• A unique activity series, having different activities in every section.
• Content of this series is according to International Education Standards.
• Recycling technique is used broadly in this series which make students able to use the extra things.
• An effective practice series to improve the Motor skills (movement of hand and body muscles) of child from Early Age.

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